Do you have games or consoles that you are tired of?
Maybe both and some more?

Make it easy for yourself and sell it to us.

We give fair prices and buy most of everything.
At the same time you do not need to do more than hand it in to the postal agent and we will take care of the rest.

We can also pick it up - but we have to take a closer look at that as several factors come into play.
Among other things, where in Sweden you live and how much the deal is about.

Go ahead for an interest registration and send an overview of everything that is included.
We thank you for being honest and mentioning important things like when things are not working properly or if you are unsure of anything. A good deal is when both parties feel satisfied.

Feel free to ask if you are unsure of anything, it is always easier to answer a question or two than to risk detecting inaccuracies afterwards and addressing any problems then.


  1.     Contact us with a picture of what you want to sell

  2.     If needed, we send out cardboard and packing material and shipping slip (in some cases we can also pick it up from you depending on where in Sweden you live)

  3.     You get paid as soon as we checked that the content matches the agreed - or at the door when we pick it up.

Continue here to get in touch with us, select "Sell your games to us" in the subject line and do not forget the overview image. Contact us

Thank you in advance.