FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When do you send my purchase?
- We have delivery from our warehouse every weekday and the delivery is usually within 7-10 working days within Europe but a few extra days outside of Europe.

How do you send my items?
- We know that your purchase is important to you and therefore we send fragile items carefully packed within a hard box. Regular games in plastic cases (used, not sealed ones) can be send in bubble bags.

How can I track my parcel?
- When your purchase is packed and sent, an email is sent out to you with a tracking number.

- All used products we sell have a 3 month guarantee under normal useage.
Contact us immediately if you notice that the product is no longer working normally.
Modifying or opening up the console will remove the warranty.

Is the manual included with the game?
- Everything that is visible on the product pictures is what is included in the advertisement and is the actual product you buy. We always take exclusive pictures of every single product just so that no unpleasant surprises should arise.
More information about the product or other deviation is also given in the text of the advert.

How is the condition of the disc?
- All games and products we sell are tested and cleaned and work without problems unless otherwise stated in the advertisement. Traces of scratches or wear may occur but please send an inquiry and we will take a closer look.

I regret my purchase.
- As an online consumer (the distance contract law) you always have 14 days right of withdrawal from the day you received the product according to the distance contract law. Contact us as soon as possible and we will solve it smoothly.
When using the right of withdrawal, you as the buyer stand for the shipping cost.

Do you buy games also?
- We are happy to buy games, consoles and accessories etc.
To do this, you e-mail us and submit with one or a few overview images to clearly get a grip on what and what titles are included as well as information about something that deviates from normal working condition. The price of course determines and we would like you to come up with a price proposal yourself before we can look into this. Please keep in mind that we run this for profit even if games are close to our hearts.

My game does not work as it should.
- There may be several reasons behind this, but problems are there to be solved. Email us about what does not work as intended and we will help you as soon as possible.
All products we sell should work 100% as long as nothing else is stated in the ad. But if something goes wrong, we do everything to solve it.