SpelHem was started around 2016 by Olle Lavér and Tommy Nordered as a leisure interest.
This grew faster than we thought to a business that since then has tens of thousands customers of all ages in Sweden but also abroad as far away as in Australia.
We offer almost everything in used video games and accessories. And what's not in the assortment today will be available tomorrow. Because we are growing by the day.

With one of the largest range of video games in the Nordic region and with market leading prices, we have something for every gamer, family and nostalgic. Our customers are from a few years old to senior citizens. Because everyone have video games in our lives in one way or another.
Our motto has and always will be "100% satisfied customers" for the simple reason that we start from your customer's perspective in everything we do. We know how small and insignificant one can feel when contacting companies that do not take one seriously or listen to one's criticism when something has not gone right.
We know how important one's purchase is to one's self. Because it is "me" it is about.
And there I think and hope we succeeded.

Of nearly 20,000 unique customers since the beginning, we have not left any customer unhappy - this is something we are really proud of!
And grateful.

For without you, this would never have been anything more than a dream. A small hobby on the side of.
Now we do this at full capacity around the clock - every day of the year - and the core of regular customers and new customers who continue to support our business makes us the locomotive in our industry that shows where the cabinet should stand.
So with all our hearts we would like to direct this thank you - to you.

Olle Lavér
Tommy Nordered

- Team SpelHem

SpelHem AB

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