We are here for you

All goods we sell (unless otherwise stated) are used and may have traces of use on different scales.
We do our best to repair, clean and restore all goods that pass through our warehouse.
This is why we always try to take as fair and clear pictures as possible and clarify things that we consider to be important in the ad text.

Unfortunately, we sometimes miss something as thousands of goods flow in and out of the warehouse each month. But when this happens, the absolute best way is to send an email to solve it. None of us want to leave any customer outside or unhappy so we do our absolute best for you in every situation.

Problems can also occur that lie outside our hands such as if the delivery is delayed.
Always give it a few extra days and it will resolve itself on 95% of occasions. However, should a cargo be damage or if you suspected lost delivery, you must contact us directly.
All used goods receive a 3 month warranty under normal use.
If any kind of modification or unlicensed product is switched on, the warranty expires.
When we have to say no ..

We do not take responsibility for the content of the products beyond function. If you are unsure whether the game fits a certain target audience or may contain offensive sequences, it is best to first youtube the game or read reviews. You can get very good information in a short time.

Products from another region that do not normally support European currents (110v in Japan and the US versus 220v in Sweden and the rest of Europe) are your own responsibility to make sure so the console is not burned unnecessarily.
We inform about this in the ads as well - but always take the safe road before the uncertain. We cannot take responsibility for a console that has been neglected and burned due to excessive current. Always use an electric converter.